After-shave care

Image of a Macmillan brave the shave fundraiser having their head shaved

Our number one top-tip for looking after your hair post-shave is to remember you'll have less natural protection from the sun. So make sure you wear a hat or sun cream on your head when you go outside.

Check out more useful hair-care tips from celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford:

  • Use shampoo and conditioner, even on a shaved head. It will keep your hair clean and conditioned
  • When shampooing, massage your head for a few minutes to stimulate blood flow to your scalp - this promotes hair regrowth
  • Having regular haircuts will help if you want to grow your hair again
  • Hair regrowth varies from person to person; however curly hair may appear to grow slower
  • Embrace your shorter hair and take advantage of styling it! Ruff it up, slick it back, experiment and have fun!

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