Looking after your new buzz cut

First head shave? Here are a few tips for caring for your new look from our partners Boots UK and Soltan.

Suns out, hats on. Or head scarf, its up to you. Your scalp will be more susceptible to sun burn and damage, so even on those cloudy days, make sure to use a good sunscreen with a high UVA rating to protect your scalp from sun exposure. Soltan recommend a minimum of factor 30+ (but factor 50 is best!). Additional measures to reduce the risk should also be taken such as wearing a hat, seeking shade and staying hydrated too. - Soltan

Don’t ditch the shampoo. Protect your scalp from itching, dryness and flaking, by regularly using a good shampoo that has the right nutrients in it to care for your hair and your scalp. Don’t forget to give your head a good massage to support blood flow and keep your head looking healthier! - Boots UK

Three words. Skin sensitive moisturiser. It's important to avoid your skin becoming rough and dry, especially in cold winter months.