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Wendy Wallage

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11 Sep 2021
Reginald Henry Smith, George Henry Smith, Petern Wallage,
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Come and watch my shave. https://youtu.be/zgYX-yG5P1A 6 years ago, after I became disabled, I decided to grow my hair long for MacMillan’s Brave the Shave and Little Princesses Trust. My Grandfather died of bowl cancer, my Father of bronchial pneumonia caused by cancer of the right lung, my Father in Law died of lung cancer, and my mother is a cancer survivor after having two tumours removed from her bowl. When MacMillan came to help with my Father in Law Peter the nurse said “It’s OK, we’re here now.”. and as one nurse saw to Peter the other put the kettle on and sat and chatted with me. I felt a weight lift from my shoulders as I realised that MacMillan weren’t just here for Peter but for me and my husband as well.
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