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Vicki Manyweathers

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04 Jun 2022
The most amazing mumma bear and brave fighter forever in awe of ur greatness keep fighting my beautiful friend leanne ❤️❤️, My mum, father in law, nana, papa, uncle Andrew, mumma Carol Barham, Colin and everyone effected by cancer Inc the amazing bec from eamon and bec I want to stand with u xxxx
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I have thought long and hard over the years about doing the brave the shave and always thought I can't do it I love my hair colours to much!!! As you all know but I have been struggling in general lately with everything and I miss members of the family who I know would listen and help or even just hold me and take time to just be! So I am going to Brave the shave to do just a little bit to help others keep there loved ones xxxx
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