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19 Nov 2020
Great grandparents, my friends mum
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I decided I wanted to show my friend support when his mum was diagnosed, i decided to grow my hair and brave the shave and donate my hair... Sadly his mum lost the battle and passed, I shaved it not long after, donating to her page for St barnabus and what I raised above that, I gave to them to use towards a family day out, Christmas or whatever they wished. It was used for a helicopter ride! They whole process made me feel so proud and happy, that I decided to do it again. Since doing this I sadly learnt I lost all my great grandparents to cancer, other members and friends of family to this horrible disease. Help me by sponsoring me to brave the shave and raise money for this amazing cause. All long enough parts of hair will be donated to the princess trust. My cousin wanted me to do it on his birthday, so 19th November i will do it.
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