Terri-Louise Anderson

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01 Oct 2017
"Do you know Terri?" "Yer that girl with the really long hair?" That has pretty much been my life for the past 15years, my hair has become so much a part of me it has pretty much defined me. Now at the age of 29 i have learnt that this is not the case, i am comfortable in my own skin to fully understand i do not need my hair, and i mean ANY of my hair! That is why i am now putting it out there that i am going to Brave The Shave For Macmillan! In addition to this i propose to donate all 40" of my hair to the Little Princess Trust. I asked myself what difference can i really make in the world, and if i was honest with myself i didnt really think much. But by having the power to do this which could make a difference to a few, that is a start