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31 Aug 2021
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Thank you for visiting our page! Once again we are raising funds to support this great charity who provide support to thousands of people going through what will be a real struggle for them, their families and co-workers. Early in 2020 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 throat Cancer! Lucky right! My wife badgered me to go see the doctor after discovering a lump which I thought was nothing and left for over 6 months before doing anything. I had treatment right through the start of the pandemic, which was an experience on its own but luckily I had nothing to compare it to, so it was all part of the journey. Gladly I can report over 12 months later, I am recovering well and currently showing no signs of it returning! Yay Last year my father Richard and myself raised over £800 for this wonderful charity, and we are doing it all over again, this time we have roped in a couple other willing participants Andy Grant & Andy Martin who will be shaving their hair and beards off to support Macmillan. We are all touched by Cancer in some way or another, be it good or bad you tend to live and breathe that journey in some form or another. So please donate generously to support this great charity and know you get see Team T.A.R.A in our new looks with virtually no hair on our heads! Thank you very much!
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