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suzanne armstrong

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02 Sep 2020
kathy warfe
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I have decided to do brave the shave, as my sister, Kathy died of cancer on 27/02/20. this is in memory of her, and this is a great way to help others who suffer, and Kathy would love that. She was told that she would not live beyond october 2019, but she was determined to see her grand child born in november, well she saw him born and then she wanted just 1 more christmas with her family, and she got her wish. Well her next target was to have 1 more valentines with her husband, and she made that target. then she decided it was too close to her birthday and she wanted to make that, on the 27/02/20 she woke up to her birthday, the nurses did her nails and she had a great day, later she fell asleep and slipped away. I have never known anyone who gave the fight of her life to see these special times, due to corona virus i have not been able to go put flowers in memory of her, but she would love this that i am doing this in her memory more than the flowers. so this is for you kathy, and i know that when it comes to the shave, you will be sitting up there, with mum and having a right giggle at my exspence, love you always.
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