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Susan Offen-James

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23 Nov 2019
Rita Russell, Jeremy Ogden and Ivy Elizabeth White
I last had my hair cut short over 50 years ago. After recently loosing a second friend to cancer, plus my Mum a few years ago, I just felt so helpless and angry. As their friend I should have been able to help them. I had to do something. Then I remembered seeing the Macmillan adverts over the summer. I will SHAVE my head. ALL off! By doing this I can help others get help. My son thought I was mad, especially when I asked him to do it (he knows what it's like having no hair in the winter!). I will be doing the deed at the Wincanton Event on 23rd November, please sponsor me. If you can be there please bring some spare money. If not please sponsor me online. Macmillan do such a fantastic job. I want to raise as much money as possible, of course, but truly, every little helps. Please help me help them.
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