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25 Sep 2018
all of our friends, family and colleagues who have been affected by cancer.
The catchy TV advert of the guys distorting their faces to get a close shave IS MY STORY in a nutshell!That's how I discovered the small, firm, pea sized lump in the side of my neck in March 2013. Two weeks later I was in hospital undergoing major surgeries and embarking on an extensive course of radio and chemotherapy. My sons, sideswiped by this, dressed in drag and ran a 5k race for 'Boys Beating Cancer' and relatives, friends and work colleagues donated a substantial amount in sponsorship, at the beginning of my cancer journey. The outstanding work that Macmillan requires enormous resources to provide help and support for ALL those touched by cancer and they are there 24/7, 52 weeks a year, every year. 5 years on, cancer free, embracing life and back on my home turf and working for Stewarts, I am once again asking relatives, friends and colleagues to sponsor me and my colleagues participating in 'Brave the Shave' at Stewarts Christchurch, but this time in celebration of my life.