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Steve Smith

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06 Sep 2019
Everyone Fighting Cancer & Everyone Who Will Have To
.... And that is that, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for doing something amazing, for supporting me, and donating already (Mel, Abbey, Nicola, Russ & Becs, Mat, Tracey ( again ), Chris, Mike, Sandra & Dal, Sue & Brian, Nat, Mr Pitt, Paul, Shane, Jedd, Tom, Chandler, Dave, Sean, Marian & Godfrey, Fran & Robin, Denis & Pauline, Chloe, Ben & Carly, Scott & Fran, Jon, Craig, Lee, Chris, Ashley, Andrea, Jon, Emma & Dan, Jess x , Ellie, Jonathan, Clare & Mark, Lindsey & Russell, Truman,Mum & Dad, Claire, Sue, Andrea, Clive, Lisa, Chris, Stewart, Alan, Billy, Jack, Pat, Ian, Tracy, Stephen, Joan & Stuart ) - We Are Now So Close To Our Target - Thank you so much, you have all done a GREAT JOB !! Thursday 7th September 2019.
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