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Steve Daniels

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12 Aug 2017
Michael Graham Daniels
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When my Dad had small Cell Lung Cancer, Macmillan were a great help to my Dad and my family. Nine years ago I had a rare Cancer myself (DFSP) I have the scars to prove it. Since then I have been active in supporting those with DFSP. Organising meets etc. And managed to get a Pathologist Specialising in Cancers to fly from the USA to give a group of us a talk. (Dr Jerad Gardner MD Assistant Professor of Pathology UAMS) He even uses meeting me in his talks! I asked him to share my link he did and this is what he wrote. This is my friend, Steve Daniels. He's an incredible guy. He's a survivor of a rare cancer called dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP). I met him online via a DFSP Facebook patient support group. Last year he arranged a face-to-face meeting of DFSP patients in the U.K. and he graciously invited me to attend and paid for my travel expenses (more info: https://www.facebook.com/JMGardnerMD/posts/1238736529557078 ). When he picked me up at the airport in Bristol, he was the first DFSP patient I ever met in real life. He is an amazing person with a heart of gold and now he's helping raise money for a different type of cancer. I continue to be blown away by the degree of selfless charity and kindness from former cancer patients like Steve who are now trying to help others who are going through cancer. He could've just said "hey I'm cancer free now!" and walked away and gone back to living a normal life. But instead he now volunteers and donates to help others who are struggling. It's very inspiring and encourages me to work harder and do more in my job as a pathologist. Please check out Steve's post and if you're interested in donating even a small bit there's a link at the bottom. Steve is the real deal, and I'm so honored to know him.
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