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Siobhan Davidson

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31 Dec 2019
Cousin Scott, Grannie, Grandma, Grandpa Tom
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I was exposed to cancer from a very young age when a friend from school was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in her early teens but fought the illness and now is a proud mum. As you can imagine this was not just a shock but frightening to deal with so young. Next my cousin Scott who was just a month older than me was diagnosed in his late teens but after a relapse he sadly lost his battle with the disease and is dearly missed. Scott's birthday was Hogmanay and this if why I have decided to brave the shave on that date. Shortly after Scott's diagnosis my Grannie was diagnosed with Lung cancer and received excellent care from the NHS, surgeons and was in remission and lasted just over 5 years. More recently my grandma was diagnosed with Lymphoma and after excellent care by the NHS she also was in remission and lived life to the full with my grandpa Tom who was another one to be taken from us by the silent killer, he had Liver, Bowel & Lung cancer. They both died very recently. Macmillan is fantastic charity which supports not just individuals but their families and friends and I feel strongly that now is the time I must brave the shave to raise funds to help the charity to continue the great work they do. Please support me.
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