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Shane Dillon

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15 May 2019
Hey, I'm Shane. Now some of you might know me, some of you may not. I've decide after lots of thinking to put myself forward for Brave the Shave (Beard Not Included lol). Now personally, (I'm sure like a lot of people out there), Cancer has affected someone I know. Weather it be a friend or family member or even the old lady I saw every Friday morning at the shop. It's a tough topic to talk about for a lot of people, (Including Myself). I guess this is just my way of giving back and saying thank you to all the fantastic people working to help not just the people suffering with this horrible illness themselves. But the families of loved ones lost and also the people fighting through this with there friends and family at this moment in time. Be Strong, Be Brave, but most importantly Be Happy. #KickCancersArse
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