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Shalana Warner

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09 Oct 2019
2018 just before christmas changed the lives for me, my sister and the whole of the family when our mom was diagnosed with aggressive grade 3 breast cancer. Found due to her rapid deterioration of health, which was an onset of a rare autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis, that affects 5 in 100,000 people (this is can be as a offset of a missed diagnosis of preexisting cancer). This sudden illness lead to our mom being unable to swallow, walk and lift something as light as a cup. Vigorous tests were carried out and the cancer was found, despite a mammogram a few months earlier. Treatment programme was put in place immediately in the new year of 2019, commencing with a lumpectomy and biopsy in January. Shortly followed 6 sessions of chemotherapy and 26 session of radiotherapy. After the first session of chemo moms hair started to fall out. She braved her own shave and cut the remaining patches leaving herself a keep sake strand as a reminder. Since then our mom has come through steady recovery, learning to walk again, adapting to eat a dysphasia based diet and slowly regaining her strength and her hair is beginning to grow back. I am shaving my hair off for mom and letting her know we will be together with this battle. In addition to my dad who lost his battle to cancer as well as my god mother a survivor of breast cancer and my good friend who is a survivor of prostate cancer who will be doing the honours of cutting my hair in his barbers.
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