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Sarah Allen

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25 Jan 2019
Please go like my FB https://www.facebook.com/sujbravestheshave Each of us know of someone who, at some stage in their life, has been unfortunate enough to have been diagnosed with cancer. I have had friends and family members who have been diagnosed – and it isn’t until you experience loved one’s suffering, that you understand the severity of cancer. The level of support that MacMillan consistently offer is inspiring, and in order for MacMillan to keep providing such excellent help to future sufferers, they need funding. I can’t grow money trees, but I can grow hair! I’m obviously anxious about losing my hair; not knowing if I’ll become overly self-conscious and embarrassed when in public. However, I’ll have to learn to manage with the looks I’ll receive and the questions from people. That being said, I’m excited to explain my story and to inspire others to help out in any way that they can. So please, please, dig as little or as deep as you can and help me to help others!
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