Samantha Elliott

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09 Feb 2018
I have decided to do this to help as much as I can. After much thought I have decided that my partner will be shaving my head. I have someone in my life at the moment that are battling cancer. For me this is very close to my heart. my Mother in law who starting her fight against cancer and is taking each step as it comes. We are all supporting this amazing lady through this hard time. I have also lost people to cancer 2 people recently and relations over the years. This is just one way of showing my support. I have also lost people in my life from cancer. This is not just for the few I am doing this to support all people affected by cancer. I have done coffee mornings that I am hoping to continue to do. Every donation helps not just those going through treatment now but those who might need help later. As I have witnessed in my life you never know when cancer can affect you or someone in your life. I have 3 children and a part time job. This is my way of giving back to the people that have helped so many in my life, that have battled and either won or lost to the fight of Cancer. Macmillan do an amazing job of helping and supporting those that have Cancer.