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Sally Marshall-Mills

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07 Sep 2017
Peter Mills
I am giving a thumbs up to Brave the Shave in memory of my darling husband Peter. Peter has sadly passed away following a short but aggressive illness. Peter was diagnosed with two inoperable primary brain tumours on 8th June. After Peter's diagnosis he became very withdrawn. When I suggested I take part in Brave the Shave he was very enthusiastic even though he preferred me with longer hair. When we discussed me taking part Brave the Shave to coincide with his radiotherapy treatment he sat on the sofa with beam on his face and a big thumbs up. As we waited for Peter's first and only (has it happened) radiotherapy session he again said I should do it. Sadly later that day he lost consciousness and passed away a couple of days later. I am now proud to put my thumbs up to honour Peter's wishes for me to Brave the Shave. Peter it's a big Thumbs up,I did it! Thank you to everyone who has visited my page and supported me with such generosity and kind words it means so much to me. I will be keeping my page open for a few more weeks should anyone still wish to make a donation. Thank you
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