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Sabrina Mcketty-Edwards

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28 Aug 2020
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I have been toying with the idea of shaving my head for a while and recently it has been playing on my mind. I saw the advert for 'Brave The Shave’ and made up my mind instantly. If I am going to say goodbye to my hair it might as well be for a good cause. My hair is already pretty short, but I have never had the courage to cut it all off, until now. It has been almost six years since my mom lost her battle with cancer, and five years since my Aunty Pat lost her battle too. I struggled with the loss of my mom for quite a while and it was from doing 'Art Therapy' with the Cavendish Cancer Care who I found through Macmillan, that I started to feel at ease, and like myself again. I then took part in drama therapy with another organisation which helped to boost my self-confidence and give me back the energy I once had. I have been on a long journey to feel somewhat whole again and even though I still have ways to go, I am happy at where I am now. I know a lot of women would love to ‘Brave The Shave’ but are scared of how they will look, your hair isn’t what makes you beautiful, we are already beautiful. I am not just shaving my head to remember my mom or my aunt, but for everyone who is still fighting.
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