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Robert Wells

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01 Jul 2021
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Cancer has taken many lives. It affects almost everyone in some way or another, from friends, family, loved ones around the world, it shouldn't exist but it does. Luckily with the help of everyone who strives to find cures to the carers who help all the people who are suffering and trying to stay strong. Every little bit helps to provide the care/treatment and it definitely helps makes a difference to those in need. Around June/July 2016 I shaved my hair off in Thailand and it's been growing ever since. I always get told to get a haircut at work, but so far I haven't really had a good reason to do so. However I'd like to use this opportunity to raise money for cancer support and that is reason enough to shave my hair off. If possible I would lke to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust afterwards. Thank you.
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