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Rob Howard

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12 Aug 2017
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The idea of shaving my head for charity has been rattling around my brain for a while, more so in the last year or so after having some friends and family face their own battles with cancer (in which, thankfully, they've come out on top). Why shave my head? Well, what else could I do? My doctors have advised me against running, not that I approve of running anyway (apart from away from wild animals running towards you, of course). Sitting in a tub of beans is a waste of perfectly good beans which I'd rather have alongside a lovely cooked breakfast or a baked potato (plus it's not that likely I'd raise enough back to cover the cost of the beans). I could bake some cupcakes and hold a bake sale, but it's unlikely the cakes would make it to sale before I ate them. So I've decided to shave my head, despite being a university AV/IT guy and risking being ostracised and distrusted by my entire industry and the fact I'll probably look like Walter White when it's done (or Mr Potato Head). I suggested shaving one of the cats instead but that one didn't go down well with the wife. I'll also be donating my hair to Little Princess Trust. No sense in letting it go to waste, hopefully someone else can get as much use out of it as I did.
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