Rhys Matson

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21 Oct 2017
Tom Price, Will Giles, John Carney and myself will be shaving our hair on the 20th of October 2017, to give massive respect to everyone out there who have lost their hair due to cancer. We all know people who have been through horrible treatments to try to extinguish this terrible disease, so please dig deep, help us raise some money for the amazing charity that is Macmillan. They do so many positive things for those suffering with cancer and their families, and any contribution can really help. Big up my Mum for being an amazing woman during the past year since she has been diagnosed with cancer. She's having an autologous stem cell transplant in November to help extend her period of remission from Myeloma. A side-effect of the drugs used during an autologous stem cell transplant is that she may lose her hair, so we thought we would do this to show our support for my Mum and everyone else going through cancer treatment this autumn.