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Phil Morgan

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14 Oct 2020
My grandparents Rita and David Jeffs
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Due to COVID-19, my grandparents cancer treatment was cancelled. They are both in they’re 80s and until the beginning of this year, were the fittest OAP’s ever! Always walking their dog, eating well etc. In April, my nan was well enough to even paint her garden fence. By the end of June, she began feeling really poorly and by the end of July she was taking into hospital as she was in so much pain. The day she went into hospital none of us knew if we’d ever see her again due to Coronavirus. Her cancer had spread to an untreatable stage and she is home with all her family. Cancer has completely destroyed her health and the decline over a short period has been frightening. She is receiving wonderful nursing care at home. Please donate anything you have to Macmillan cancer research as they need your help now more than ever. COVID has disrupted many things one of which is funding for this charity. I’ve had long hair now for years now. My Nan says I need a ‘normal haircut’ now. So here it is, time to brave the shave. Thanks a lot for all your support and donations.
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