Olivia Welman

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22 Feb 2019
Philip Welman
I have decided to shave my hair for charity because why not?! If shaving my hair off can raise money to help support and care for those with cancer, let's do it. Some people will say 'what if you don't like how you look without hair?' well to that I say, I have a choice to shave my hair. Those who loose their hair to chemotherapy treatment don't have a choice and loosing their hair is one part of many things they have to deal with. I've only got this to deal with. I also have the privallage of knowing that it will most likely grow back. I am not brave for shaving my hair, but those who have cancer and fight daily to stay alive are the brave ones. Please donate whatever you can to help support them and their families. Join me at the Hare and Hounds Pub in Worthing on the 22nd February to shave it off and raise lots of money!! Peace.