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Nikki Williamson

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24 May 2019
Caroline Townley, Jim Watson, Torben, Lee, Debbie Budge, Auntie Kathleen, Caroline Worrell, Jim Lester, Heather Garrett and many others I have known and loved.
I will be braving the shave in school assembly on Friday 24th of May. We will be having a ' silly hair' fundraising day and I'm hoping to donate my hair also. Please sponsor me. I would love to exceed my target. I am not brave - being brave is finding out you have cancer. Being brave is telling your loved ones you have cancer. Being brave is going through chemo while it ravages your body. Being brave is having to watch a friend or loved one face that battle. Being brave is finding out your cancer has come back. Being brave is knowing you face death but still smiling, still caring about others. Being brave is having to watch helplessly as someone you love looses that battle and suffers and there's nothing you can do. I am not brave! I brave the shave, hoping to make a difference to someone who is!
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