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Nikita Bradbury

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08 Jul 2021
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Cancer has always been a big fear of mine, whether that is having it myself or my loved ones or anyone else around me having it. Almost a year and a half ago, I found out one of my relatives, who I hadn't been close with since I was younger, had passed from it. Their passing affected me greatly, although I tried to act as though I was okay. Growing up, I doted on this relative. I used to spend weeks during the summer holidays helping her with gardening and animal upkeep. Loved spending time at theirs, became less frequent as I grew up but still doted on her. Unfortunately, I had a big fall out with my family in 2016 and hadn't seen her since. I never got to see her before her passing, which I'm trying to see as a good thing as it means I only have good memories of her. I would love to help raise money towards this charity, to help families who are struggling to deal with loved ones passing and those who are fighting every day to beat this nasty disease. Each and every person who has suffered through it, is a hero in my eyes. Wish I could help them all.
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