Nigel Walter

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11 Oct 2018
Derek Walter ( my Dad) and all the residents at Charters Retirement Village that have recently passed
I am gearing up to Brave the Shave on October 11, when I will be shaving off my locks not only in support of the charity, but also in celebration of my own battle with cancer, and in memory of my late Dad Derek, and residents at the village who have passed away. It was by ‘fluke’ that I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2016 – indirectly as a result of going to the GP with a chest infection. After treating the chest infection the GP picked up on a heart condition that I did not know I had, that required heart surgery. With the kidney successfully removed and tests revealing it was cancerous, I began my physical and emotional road to recovery – being offered support from Macmillan Cancer Care – whilst preparing for over 10 hours of heart surgery several months later. I am now in good health, and to thank all those who helped throughout my journey and to raise awareness, I am braving the shave – with my sister and Cancer Research fundraiser Nicola Underwood cutting my hair.