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Nicola Pepper

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10 Aug 2017
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My Name is Nicci Pepper (nee Glover) and I grew up in Southport at 48years of age I have watched people I know and love have their lives affected by Cancer, My mother twice , My Aunty , 2 of my cousins and I lost a my dear friend David to cancer So why am I shaving my hair in support of cancer, well that’s easy, I have a choice, Most people with cancer don’t have that choice, Not only do they have to endure chemotherapy, the sickness, the aches etc They lose their hair which is a huge part of their identity , and its especially hard for women , So with the help of Jason Sutton owner of Jason James salon, I am shaving my hair off not only to show support but to raise as much money as I possibly can so we can try and put an end to this heat breaking illness
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