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Nicki Brenchley

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15 Aug 2020
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I am a Physiotherapist working in Lewes, the county town of East Sussex. I have raised money by running marathons and ultras in the past for various charities and now being in my mid 50's feel I would like to raise money for Macmillan by 'Braving a Shave' as I don't think my legs could do another marathon. I am doing this for the many friends and family that Tim (my husband) and I have lost particularly in the last 10 years. David Townsend, a close family friend of ours, lost his younger brother a couple of years ago is joining me for 'Brave a Shave'. He has a long grey ponytail! So, the plan is to shave half my hair in Lewes where I work and then later that day at home with friends and family. I am aiming to raise alongside David, £10,000. I have already been pledged £100 by my first patient.
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