Naomi Courtenay

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05 Aug 2017
Sue Tipping
My beautiful, brave mum died on Christmas Day after battling leukaemia for 5 years. It was her 60th birthday on 2nd August 2017. The 5th August is my parent’s 28th Wedding Anniversary, so it seems a fitting day to Brave the Shave! I have been thinking about it for a while, swinging between bravado, " It's only hair!" and fear, "Oh but my hair looks great!" (On the rare occasion I wash, brush and dry it!) Then I think back to 2012, when Mum's hair began to fall out with the chemo. I remember shaving her head at Bart’s and how it bonded us on a roller coaster journey. And she had no choice. My partner Ben will also be joining me by shaving off his hair (not that he has THAT much! Hehe!) and we will be live streaming it. Enjoy! :) Thank you for your support/helping us honour/remember mum. Experiencing just a fraction of the feelings she felt will make me feel a little bit closer to her and if we can raise some ££ for a good cause at the same time, that’s great! xxx And at the end of the day… life’s too short… and it is only hair! *gulp*