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Michelle Hughes

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01 Aug 2020
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I have decided to brave the shave after my brother Ciaran (Charco) was diagnosed with (AML) Leukaemia on the 4th December 2019. It’s an extremely aggressive type of blood cancer affecting the production of white blood cells. He is being treated at the Belfast City Hospital Cancer Centre and Macmillan have gone above and beyond to help my brother as much as possible. He has currently undergone aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy and finally a stem cell transplant in the last few weeks. He is hopefully finally on the final uphill battle with fighting this disease and we hope to have him home soon. I wish to raise as much as we can for this amazing charity who have done so much for Ciarán and our family since his diagnosis and throughout his treatment to date, as well as every patient in the Cancer Centre who’s fighting for their lives against this dreadful disease.
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