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mhairi whitelaw

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26 Jul 2021
Granny Young, and aunt Anne, my big brother craig, my cousins stephanie, papa Whitelaw, Julie and liz Robert also Shirley, who are a inspiration to uz and my good friend Eleanor who has had her own battle and for anyone else who needs this service.
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I have done this as cancer hits us all in some way, people who had lots of life to live and this horrible disease takes the best of people, and some have to keep fighting like my brother! My cousins!, and we've Al lost so one My aunties! My gran, and great friends so People I've know for years so if I can be brave enough to shave my head please make a donation and all donations go straight to site not to me! If you would like to make a donation not online please hand it in to my cousin ceila Young who is doing my sponsor sheet for me, I don't want rumours started I just wana give back and hope you will dig deep and support me! Clair Carson and Tony Young and Janet Smith have also donated I'm in process of getting there names put on my profile, have also donated but its not showing up but will sort this out tomorrow. Thank you
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