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Megan Anderson

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21 Nov 2020
Lisa Hook (Cooper)
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20 years ago, I was giving all my love and support to my younger cousin Lisa. She was only 16 and had been battling cancer for over a year. She was treated regularly at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, just down the road from my University. I would drop in to see her as much as possible between classes. I even remember a wonderful afternoon at a local pub trying to have a normal girly chat about boys, plans and the possibilities of life. The whole way through this time Macmillan were there supporting Lisa and the family when so much support was needed. Unfortunately, in December 2000 we had the terrible news that Lisa’s cancer had moved into her lungs and her time was short. But with her fighting, some might say stubborn, attitude she not only stayed with us for a further 6 weeks, she celebrated Christmas, her birthday and her wedding day with a smile on her face and a beautiful wig on her head. She was a stunning girl who took her hair loss in her stride and found ways to be positive even to the end. Her wedding is one I will never forget for the smiles on everyone’s faces as we had a true family party until well into the early hours. So I decided to celebrate and remember Lisa’s fighting spirit, while also raising money for an amazing charity who help people in their time of true weakness and need. I’m braving the shave in memory of Lisa. If I raise enough money I may even let my kids loose with the clippers. So please give as much as you can to support others who are fighting against cancer.
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