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Marguerite Harris

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09 Nov 2019
Hi to all my lovely friends and supporters. I've decided to shave my head in support of my wonderful friend Tracey as she works towards kicking cancers butt!! Tracey was diagnosed with breast cancer just 10 weeks after she gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Rocco, so far she has endured chemotherapy, radiotherapy and currently some more chemotherapy all while juggling motherhood for the first time. I take my hat off to her I really don't know how she has managed to stay so positive. It's her amazing spirit that's inspired me to help in any way I can, I want Tracey to know she is not alone in this battle and that she is amazing, beautiful and truly inspirational. Soon she will have a bald friend to share her lush head scarfs with and I can't wait to be that friend. I know that I speak for all your friends and family when I say keep on pushing forward luv with all the determination, hope, courage you can - we are all rooting for you to beat this. Every donation goes towards helping people like Tracey, please dig deep and help in any way you can. All my Love Meg xx
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