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Margaret Johnson

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17 Sep 2020
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My battle with cancer began in June 2019, I was struggling to go to the bathroom like i usually would, and one night my stomach started to bloat and i had pain. I went straight to A&E with the symptoms, had some tests done and got told I’d need to have an operation in which resulted to me having a stoma bag. They suspected cancer. Whilst i was having the operation they found a spot of cancer on the liver, they fortunately removed this too and i started Chemotherapy in September. But unfortunately for me the Chemotherapy did not work and i got told in February 2020 that the cancer was back. I have been receiving Chemotherapy again to keep it at bay and try and prolong it, i just finished my last lot today! I am choosing to shave my hair to raise money for Macmillan cancer, and to raise awareness. Any donations made will mean a lot to me. Thank you.
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