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Marcella Just

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19 Dec 2018
Auntie Molly
I'm Marcella and I'm 14 years old. My mum's Auntie Molly passed away from breast cancer before I was born but I have heard a lot about her over the years. She was my Grammy's identical twin sister and so would have been a close family connection had she lived. It makes me sad that I have never met her. Also, unfortunately, my Grammy has been diagnosed with a slow growing cancer. Recently my mum's university friend shaved her head in support of cancer in memory of her mum and she inspired me so much that I want to do the same. Cancer is such a horrible disease and no one deserves to suffer like that so I want to sacrifice my hair to help those that really need it by raising money for Macmillan. Although I do like my hair, helping people with cancer is much more important to me. I am also going to donate my hair to the Princess Trust to be made into a wig for others who have lost their hair as a result of life saving cancer treatments.
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