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Lynne Rogers

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22 May 2020
Jackie Wragg (nee Drysdale)
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BRAVE THE SHAVE FOR MACMILLAN – FRIDAY 22nd MAY 2020 Hi everyone, I am kindly asking for as much support from you all as possible please. On 4th November my wonderful friend, Jackie Wragg, lost a very short, hard, battle with cancer sadly leaving behind a family that she loved with all her heart. In September 2017 I did Brave the Shave in support of another perfect friend, Heather Nicol, who lost her battle a month later, Jackie was my biggest supporter, from beginning to end, when I was organising the event for Heather, Jackie even said she thought it was an amazing way to show how much Heathers friendship meant to me, I replied telling her I would do the same for her (never dreaming it would actually happen) she responded with a very surprised “Would you?” - you see this was the thing about Jackie she never realised how much of a special person she was, I just wish she could have seen herself through others eyes. Now,this is where you come in. I had planned a “hair raising” event on Saturday 23rd May, the closest weekend day to Jackie's birthday but, due to our current situation, I have had to re-think this as everyone is keeping safe in their own homes. So now the shave date will be the 22nd of May (her actual birthday), Duncan will be doing all the hard work live streaming the shave and doing the actual shave when the tattooed rabbits (that look like hairs from a distance) from Heather's shave will be revealed again, this time I will also be shaving my eyebrows off, for a bit more impact. At these strange times that we're living in a lot of attention has, quite rightly, been drawn to raising money for the NHS , we also have to remember that all the other illnesses we suffer from continue to affect our lives, that said Macmillan still have people to support and because we can no longer gather in groups a lot of fund raising events have been cancelled. Please, please donate anything you can possibly afford to my Macmillan page: https://bravetheshave.macmillan.org.uk/shavers/lynne-rogers1 or donations can be made to me and I will forward them on to Macmillan. We have all been touched in some way by this hateful illness so lets do everything we can to help those who help us. Best wishes from Lynne.
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