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Lucky Harris-Leighton

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20 Nov 2020
Stephen Leighton
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Hi everyone, For my 30th this year I have decided to brave the shave and raise as much money for Macmillian Cancer Support as possible. I lost my dad last in 2018 to cancer very quickly and abruptly which shocked us all and it has been something which has truly changed my life, not having him around, speaking to him and just knowing he is there. We had a very close bond and I think it was fate as I was born 2 days after my dad's birthday, he always asked my mum to have me on his birthday (sorry dad) .... Since 2018 so much has changed with the birth of his grandson in the same month which he passed away, becoming a great uncle and attending family weddings. Then us having out 2nd child in 2021. If you had the pleasure of meeting or speaking with my dad you would know how amazing he would have been to his grandchildren. One of the things my dad always loved was my hair this is something which I am willing to get rid of in memory of such a great, wonderful and caring man...Who I and my family miss beyond words. I always show AJ who he is and he smiles as at him like he knows him. This is also in memory of those that have had a battle with cancer my grandad fought his battle for 8 years and was a true hero ... You are all missed dearly and we love you so much ❤️ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS AND IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DONATE ANYTHING IT WOULD BE BEYOND APPRECIATED ❤️
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