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Liz Spice

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10 Aug 2017
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Hi my name's Liz Spice. I'm aged 36. Married to Will for 6 years and a mother to two beautiful young children: Archie and Elsie. I found out I had the hereditary BRCA gene mutation in April 2017 and after my first routine MRI in May 2017 a cancerous lump was detected in my left breast. A double mastectomy with reconstruction followed on June 21st and next I am about to embark on an intensive course of preventative chemotherapy. I'm going to loose my hair anyway but this is about taking back some element of control. Feeling liberated rather than enslaved and shaving off my hair before it all falls out. Raising money for Macmillan as well who do so much to support research and those with cancer and their loved ones is an honour. Thanks for the continued love and support xxx
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