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Linda-Marie Hamill

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20 Mar 2021
Sean Mulholland (uncle) Rosaleen Hamill (nanny) Nora (aunt)
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I have been wanting to do this for some time, I have already lost some close family members to cancer, now recently my mother has been diagnosed with Terminal SCLC (SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER), my mum was initially being treated for a viral infection for 2 weeks, only for a close friend seeing her and got worried that she informed a family member who convinced her to see the doctor, 10 days later we are told mum has had a mass tumor for around 7 months and it is terminal. This is such a shock and blow to all our family and friends My mum is my best friend and rock. She isn't just my mummy, she treats all my friends and cousins the same, nickname Mummy Linda, my heart is broken and to do this is the least I could do to support her and the macmillan cancer support, for all the support they have gave my family and will be giving my family in my mums battle.
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