Leanne Jackson

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01 Mar 2019
I am braving the shave in memory of Ian who is an insperational, caring, role model to me and a wonderful friend to many x And in memory of all those beautiful people who have stood up to cancer x I want to spread awareness of what an amazing support Macmillan are to people going through such a difficult life changing time and i want to try raise money for Macmillan so they can provide the much needed support. Also i am donating my hair to the little princess trust so they can use it for wigs for children and young people who lose their hair. People very close to me have suffered from cancer and Macmillan have supported them and our family have loved ones who have left us due to cancer. Love for my Great Auntie Pam • Uncle Howard • Mavis • Special Friend G.R Mum • Gloria • ***Sorry day has changed to friday 1st march instead of on my birthday as i was ill sicky bug or food poisoning***