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Leah and Jennie

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05 Apr 2021
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Leah has perfectly pink hair; Jennie has gorgeously greying hair, and a church friend of Jennie’s has no hair at all. Over the course of her lifetime, she’s undergone treatment for cancer three times for three separate diagnoses. She’s just finished a long and demanding course of chemo following the third diagnosis. She doesn’t have a hair left on her head, and just a few days ago, the last hair of of her left eyebrow fell out. She combats cancer by finding out as much about it as possible (“Knowledge is power,” she says), by faith and by finding the funny in all the frustrations and frazzles. After all, she says, if you’re going to have cancer and be stuck inside and can’t go anywhere, what better time to do it than when there’s nothing to go out for and everyone else is stuck inside as well?!? Fair point! Cancer is awful beyond words, and even more awful at a time like this. We decided to brave the shave for Jennie’s friend and for all the people we’ve known over the years who have lived with cancer; for their families and friends, and for the hospital staff, palliative care teams, chaplains and Macmillan nurses who have cared for them. We salute you! And we’re going to brave the shave - because you’re worth it!
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