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15 Dec 2018
Hello, thank you for coming to have a gander at my page, I would really appreciate it if you could sponsor me. My brave the shave day will be 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days after my dad became cancer free. I know that because I am grateful for each & every one of those days & I know how lucky we are as a family to have them. I brave the shave for my dad. I brave the shave for lost friends. I brave the shave for friends who have lost people of their own, a grandparent, a mother, a husband. I brave the shave for all the survivors. I brave the shave for friends caring for their survivors. I haven’t been through cancer but I’ve been on the sidelines wishing I could do something. I don’t do this shave to belittle how devastating it must be to lose your hair. I brave the shave in solidarity & support. I brave the shave hoping that if we all continue to raise money, in whatever way we can, it will allow us to learn more & more to prevent & support. Thanks Kittie x