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Kelly Musker

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20 Oct 2018
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My Mum has recently been diagnosed with an Aggressive Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Since finding out about my mums cancer, i just didn't know what to do with myself or how to cope, my mums my hero and now its time for me to step up and be hers. I thought to my self what can i do to keep busy and make a positive from such a negative situation, so i have decided to do a charity day at my place of work, where i shave all my hair off, do a raffle full of great prizes and just really raise awareness and money for such a great cause like Macmillan. Shaving my hair off is nothing in the grand scheme off things of what my mum and others are going/ or have gone through. But if this helps or supports my mum and many others in any way possible to show they are not alone then i am willing to BRAVE THE SHAVE!! Please Donate anything possible to show no one is alone in this.
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