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Karen Warner

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20 Oct 2018
My Dad
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After a long time thinking shall I, shan’t I, I came to the conclusion that it’s only hair and it will grow back. I lost my Father to cancer which was very sudden and completely knocked me off my feet. It was unfortunate that it was found so late that he was unable to have treatment. I also had a scare last year that got me thinking a lot, I was lucky and it was not bad news but I was left with a lot of what if’s. Maybe one of us and our families will need the support of Macmillan nurses one day. I’m braving the shave, I’ve already asked friends to knit me some hats to keep my head warm in the winter. It will be a shock to see myself with no hair but I’m certain the news that you have cancer must be the most shocking thing ever. Macmillan nurses are amazing, keep up the good work of supporting people with cancer and their families.
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