Josh Rippin

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01 Mar 2019
Motivated by seeing the devastation the big C can cause, I want to do something to both help those in need as well as contribute to its end. What triggered me to 'brave the shave' was wanting to raise money and do something really difficult. I could train and do a run/assault course/hike which is amazing. But shaving my head is something I'll defo find harder and will last longer. I've had some questionable haircuts over the years (bowl cut, top knot, bieber fringe etc. LOL) but I actually like my hair and this is something I have NEVER wanted to do as I'll 100% look even weirder but knowing that I'm doing it for an amazing causes makes it okay. So if you have a spare couple of ££ then it would mean the world to me if you could donate to this cause <3 Thanks so much in advance and I'll be shaving it off on March 1st and will post loads of photos and videos.