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16 September 2017

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20 October 2017

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My Story

So many people are affected by cancer. The more we can do to support them the better. I've been growing my hair for the last 7 years. I hope that i can provide a lot of hair to be made into wigs for children and to raise as much money as possible for Macmillan.


Im proud of you

From Joseph TUCKER on 06/01/18

£5.00 + £1.25 Gift Aid

From Anonymous on 22/11/17

£.10 + £0.03 Gift Aid

From Jennifer Whittemore on 31/10/17

£387.49 + £96.87 Gift Aid

From Jessica Buddin on 28/10/17

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Jenny so sorry I missed this earlier. Well done for an amazing selfless effort in donating your hair to a great cause. You are very brave and of course it looks great on you too! Phew! :) love Lynn x

From Lynn Morrison on 28/10/17


4 bouquets x

From Debbie Jones on 28/10/17

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

Magnificent gesture. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon too. Well done you. Irene in Edinburgh.

From Irene Gow on 22/10/17

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

Well done!! Very very brave!!! Xx

From Rhea Gaze on 21/10/17

£5.00 + £1.25 Gift Aid

That's incredible Jennie!! It's really suits you 😆 I wish id donated my long hair! Best wishes xxx

From Jake Meers on 21/10/17

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

From Stephen Carmichael on 20/10/17

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

Wow you are incredible Jennie.

From Jasmine Phayre on 20/10/17

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

So proud of all the effort you have put in to do this. Love you. Xxx

From Ross Whittemore on 20/10/17

£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid

Good luck Jennie!! Such a brave thing to do for an amazing charity xx

From Abbie Mckinna on 20/10/17

£5.00 + £1.25 Gift Aid

From Charlotte Grealey on 20/10/17

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

From Rebecca Oakes on 20/10/17


Wow! What a wonderful thing to do. Your beautiful hair will bring so much pleasure to others. Good luck! Xxxx

From Becky Anderson on 20/10/17

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

wonderful thing to do Jennifer ! Very proud of you x

From wendy macneil on 19/10/17

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Good luck Jennie! X x

From Judith Dade on 16/10/17


Jennie, you are so brave and I am extremely proud of you xx

From kay Cantell on 16/10/17

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Such an amazing and brave thing you are doing Xx

From Jennifer Shreeve on 16/10/17


Blimey that's brave! Well done Jennie!

From Anonymous on 16/10/17

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

What a wonderful thing to do! Well done Jennifer Lots of love from us both xxx

From Brenda Taylor on 15/10/17

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

So heart broken but admire your dedication to raising money for a wonderful charity & putting yourself through a cancer patience shoes by loosing your hair. We applaud you.. love Michelle, Dave, Tyler & Chloé..xxxx

From Michelle Firminger on 15/10/17

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From Lisa Helliwell on 14/10/17

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From Anonymous on 14/10/17


From Tracey Clarke on 13/10/17

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Good luck you brave lady ❤

From Julie Trisnan on 03/10/17

£5.00 + £1.25 Gift Aid

Well done Jen, you are truly amazing for sacrificing your beautiful hair xx

From Sarah Robinson on 02/10/17


From Anonymous on 02/10/17

£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid

From Louise Carmichael on 02/10/17

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Amazing thing to do - sorry we can't be there in person to support you xx

From Nicola Doran on 01/10/17

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

You are one amazing lady. xx

From Susan Finnie on 01/10/17


Well done jen! Such a brave thing to doxx

From Barbara Taylor on 29/09/17


Well done Jennifer, I am very proud of you, as always! I hope you raise lots of money. 💇🏻❤️💇🏻❤️💇🏻❤️

From Vivienne Taylor on 29/09/17


Amazing! What a wonderful, brave inspirational thing to do.complete admiration for youxx

From Lisa Ross on 29/09/17

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

All that beautiful hair 😮 Well done Jennie x

From Babs Fisher on 29/09/17

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Your amazing!!!

From Emily Jolliffe on 29/09/17

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Inspiration you girl! Good luck!!

From Tamsin Warnes on 29/09/17

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From Anonymous on 29/09/17


Good luck and what a great thing to do xx

From Julie Gregory on 29/09/17

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