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Janie Shaw

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28 Feb 2020
Christine Waterfield
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I would love to see you all for a big get together for a great cause. I always try to do something to raise money for cancer services. Sat watching TV I saw the advert for Brave the Shave. It got me thinking, how brave people have to be with no choice. My aunty Christine lost all her hair - just one of the many difficult outcomes sufferers have to contend with battling this vile disease. So this got me thinking why not? It is scary...but I have a choice, and if I manage to raise my target amount or hopefully more to support Macmillan we can all continue to be supported like Christine was. I am going to make a night of it so come and witness my Brave the Shave. FEBRUARY 28TH 2020 THE SWAN WITH TWO NECKS MACCLESFIELD. PLEASE SAVE THE DATE AND COME AND HAVE AN EVENING OF MUSIC. First band is Shindig at 7.30 followed by Between Thorns at 8.30 Gritstone Clay's at 9.30 Brave the Shave 10.15 followed by Life Aquatic Band at 10.45 to close. Thank you for any support. 🥰
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