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Jacques Ward

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29 Jul 2017
Richard Sheridan (Grandad)
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My brother Rich has decided to join me in the shave for our grandad, he has joined me after I signed up so we will use my page for the donations. Our grandad... a great man that passed away over 5 years ago and to this day is still missed. He was an inspiration to the whole family and someone who we always looked up to. Coming from a large family he was a man that we all loved and was a central hub of the family, we would enjoy every minute we spent with him, often in the pub with a cold beer. MacMillan were an amazing strength to grandad and the family when he was ill and this is my way of saying thank you to them. I would also like to dedicate this to my grandmother who passed away when my mother was 16 to breast cancer and to my wife's grandmother who passed away not long ago and who MacMillan also provided care for. I will not only shave my head but also my beard!!
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