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Holly Parkin

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22 Feb 2020
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Since our son Fox's Leukaemia diagnosis we've learnt first hand the importance of charity or fund raising. Macmillan, CLIC Sargent, The Grand Appeal and Bloodwise are all incredible and have made this horrific experience a lot easier. I will be donating all of my hair to the Little Princess Trust. On this journey we've met some incredibly brave and admirable children who may one day want a pretty wig. Id be honoured for any of them to wear my hair. Paul at Brislington Hill Barbershop will be skinning my head. His son Franck is also fighting Leukaemia, him and his family are so so kind. As a hairdresser myself I know the importance of hair to a woman, but for me charity is more important than vanity. Wish me luck and please show support 😬💇🏻‍♀️🎗
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